Welcome to NuSoft

A small team of highly specialized developers focused on delivering high quality applications to online communities.

NuSoft is a young, transparent, well funded, profitable software company from Romania. We develop high quality applications for online communities.

Our flagship product, AVChat 3, helps online communities chat in real time with audio, video and text.

NuSoft was started in 2009 after several years of working with Flash Video for San Francisco based startup click.tv and Cisco. Back in 2009 I started with 1 product, AVChat, and had about 2 clients/month. From there it grew to 7 products, 3 other team members and more than 3000 satisfied customers.

All of us are now working full time on new products and improving the current ones.

Even though we each have specific roles, we are all involved in making the best products out there and satisfying our customers.

AVChatHQ Office

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Our Products

Chat and Video Conference

AVChat 3
AVChat 3 is our flagship product. It allows website members and visitors to chat with audio video and text.
AVConference can be used to set up many to many video conferences across the web.
SimplChat is AVChat 3's little brother. It has the basic the audio and video chat functions at a low price.

Audio Recording

Audior is a flash app that records audio from your website members microphone and saves it as an MP3 file on the website.
FLVAR is a flash app that records audio from your website members microphone and streams it to a media server like Red5 or Wowza or AMS.

Video Recording and Images

Web based webcam recording software.
ZuzuBooth will make your website a fun place to hang out, your members will create more content and you'll see a rise in discussions.

Team Members

A great company is started with great people, here's the team we formed for 2015:


Founder & GM


Product Manager


Product Manager Integrations


Customer Support